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Hey Grouchie Members! There are some big developments coming up for the web site so we are having to take down the audio downloads but down worry everything will be back on track around may when my Zenon Records album is launched. I will be adding some serious content exclusively for the site including all my new music made after the album is released, remix packs, tutorial videos and much more! so sit tight and thanks for all the support. Big love to you all.




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Coming to Santa Barbara to play at EOS Lounge next Friday for the Southern California crew!! PSY Night w/ Grouch at EOS Lounge 7.20.18

Grouch Grouch

Offical video from our first set as a band at earth frequency festival Australia 2018 - best show of my life to dat… https://t.co/50L8vvQFKZ

Grouch Grouch